Institutional Services – Foundations, Non-profits & Retirement Plans

At Main Street we have a dedicated team focused on helping non-profits, charitable organizations and retirement plans achieve their investment goals. Additionally, we are an associate member of the Council On Foundations.  Enhancing the effectiveness of your organization and its governance can have benefits far beyond the balance sheet — saving the organization significant time, money and effort.

In today’s volatile market, endowments and foundations face many challenges related to the organization and the quest for desired return on investment. This environment coupled with multiple industry and sector challenges are driving not-for-profit investors to seek ways to enhance returns and optimize resources. Along with growing the assets, risk management is a fundamental concern for non-profit organizations seeking long-term investment return. Our team works closely with institutions to understand and manage portfolio risk to optimize the overall risk/return of investment portfolios.

As fiduciaries, our team has experience in assisting Boards of Directors, Investment and/or Finance Committees and Administrative Staff:

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer services

Our team can work with your organization as simply an asset manager, or as an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO).
OCIO services include assistance with the following and are provided at no additional costs:

  • Review board and organization governance guidelines and policies
  • Investment policy statement analysis and/or development
  • Spending policy & liquidity needs
  • Asset allocation design
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Socially conscious (ESG) screening and implementation
  • Active Risk Management
  • Dedicated Client Investment Officer
  • Identify and assist with portfolio-related administration challenges
  • Full investment committee support including performance and accounting reports

 Evolving Governance and Investment Policy

An organization’s policies should adapt to changing needs, goals and the realities of the economic environment. For non-profit institutions or retirement plans with assets under our management, we can offer investment policy advice and analysis in an effort to help clearly identify fund objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity and time horizons along with our role as investment manager.

How Main Street Measures Performance

Our performance in helping clients meet their objectives is measured by a clear understanding of the foundation’s Investment and Distribution Policy. Our investment performance relative to benchmarks is measured not just in rising markets, but also in declining markets. True success also includes a relationship that the committee and board members feel is adding value and is educational.

Investing for a Purpose

Our investment philosophy as a firm also aligns closely with that of our not-for-profit clients. Each quarter, Main Street donates a percentage of our profits to organizations that give back to the local and global community. Therefore, we have an interest and enjoy our work with non-profit organizations and are familiar with the nuances of each.