Natalie E. McMahon

Co-Director – Wealth Management

Ms. McMahon assists clients in all areas of the wealth management process which includes partnering with clients to gather financial planning data. Along with her colleagues she creates complex models to identify retirement date targets, withdrawal rates, and identify the longevity of asset based cash flows for families and foundations. Ms. McMahon also assists in the organization of estate planning documents and works with Ms. Stern in regard to tax guidance advise. Given her role in wealth management and client affairs, she also is responsible for scheduling and attending periodic client reviews. Along with maintaining client relations, Ms. McMahon is involved in all of the day-to-day aspects of the firm including account administration, branding, and communicating with the firm’s partnering institutions.

Ms. McMahon is currently pursuing her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification from the University of California, Berkeley. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with a BA in Economics and Mathematics.