Elizabeth I. Baldassari

Partner – Director, Fixed Income

Ms. Baldassari serves as the firm’s co-manager of fixed income investments and research. She trades and manages fixed income securities including municipal, corporate and treasury securities and actively conducts research in credit quality, pricing, duration and the interest rate cycle. Additionally, Ms. Baldassari considers each client’s circumstance – such as tax implications and investment policy – when adding or removing a security from a portfolio. Main Street works with over 100 Wall Street fixed income broker-dealers in an effort to find the best value in the fixed income market. Along with Ms. Baldassari’s research, she coordinates and manages this wide array of dealers to find the best value for each client.

Ms. Baldassari has been with the firm for over 15 years. Like her colleagues, she is part of the firm’s client-centric team and is involved in almost every aspect of the firm including daily client communication and problem solving.

Ms. Baldassari graduated cum laude from Sonoma State University with a BS in Business Administration.